Game No 4 Skylanders

What's new evilize skylanders play as kaos play as enemys portal-napping evilize every enemy choose what to do next for kaos defeat skylands and cloudbreak unlock the ultimite swpabillity New elements: danger, light, and darkness Note: light element will be unloked after you defeat and redefeat Eon

Magic:Spyro [series 4],Double Trouble [series 3],Pop fizz [series 3],Spell Breaker,Voodood[series2],Lightcore Spell Breaker,[GIANT]Poofer

Water:Gill Grunt[series 4],Slam Bam[series 3],Chill[series 3,Water Bomb,Wham-Shell[series3],Lightcore Water Bomb,[GIANT]Spray-gator.

Tech: Trigger Happy[series4],Drobot[series3],Sproket[series3],Miner3000[like an upgraded drill sergent],Camra Shy,Miner L000 [L=lightcore],[GIANT]Robo KAOS or CONCERTRON.

Life:Stelth Elf[series 4],Stump Smash[series 3],Shroomboom[series 2],Camo[series 3],Grass Chopper,Lightcore Grass Chopper, [GIANT]Barker.


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