Skylanders  Buddies is an upcoming game coming soon in Fall 2020.

The Buddies Members (or BM, for short):

  • Fire Dog (fire)
  • Prism Dog (earth)
  • Tree Dog (life)
  • Water Dog (water)
  • Tool Dog (tech)
  • Magic Dog (magic)
  • Ethan (air)
  • Rython (undead)
  • Sun Dog (light)
  • Moon Dog (dark)
  • Lyrical (magic)
  • Jermi-finix (fire)
  • Grave Gallops(Undead)
  • Ski-splash!(water)
  • C-click(tech)
  • Tea-ma(light)
  • Skits-tron(chemistry)*
  • Happy(Happy Meal Licensed)*
  • Fruit Pup(Happy Meal Licensed)**
  • Ethan Skywalker (Star Wars Licensed)*
  • Pull-e(PAW Patrol Licensed)*
  • Breeze Dog (Air)

new core skylanders:

  • Skippy (magic)
  • Cella (tech)
  • Bella (fire)
  • Andrew (air)
  • Mathew (earth)
  • Jilly-BOO!(undead)
  • Skits (life)
  • Lilly (water)
  • explosive man (tech)
  • Ryan (undead)

returning core skylanders:

series 9:

  • Super Cynder (undead)
  • super beam Prism Break (earth)

series 8:

  • super volt Zap (water)
  • super gear Sprocket (tech)
  • super Stump Smash (life)
  • super spear fright rider (undead)
  • golden armor Sonic Boom (air)

series 7:

  • heavy duty armor Wham-shell (water)
  • quick spin Walnado (air)
  • Double Axe Voodood (magic)
  • quick attack Star Strike (magic)
  • big laser beam Dro-bot (tech)
  • super Shroom Boom (life)
  • big skull Hex (undead)
  • super slam Slam Bam (water)
  • super arrow flame slinger (fire)

series 6:

  • super clock Clockodile (tech)
  • super blade Twin Wiz (magic)
  • super speed Sea Dash (water)
  • super skin Dragon 1000 (tech)


  • lightcore Skippy (magic)
  • lightcore Cella (tech)
  • lightcore Bella (fire)
  • lightcore Roller Brawl (undead)
  • lightcore Spyro (magic)
  • lightcore Gill Grunt (water)
  • lightcore Terrafin (earth)
  • lightcore Clockodile (tech)


  • legendary Tree horn Camo  (life) exclusive to toys-r-us
  • legendary Rudolph (undead) exclusive to toys-r-us
  • legendary Thunder slap Cynder (undead) exclusive to toys r us
  • legendary ultra Mallet Stump Smash (life) exclusive to toys r us
  • legendary quick spin Walnado (air) exclusive to toys r us
  • legendary triple star fall Star Strike (magic) exclusive to toys r us
  • legendary slime shocker volt Zap (water) exclusive to toys r us
  • legendary light core Skippy (magic) exclusive to toys'r'us
  • legendary Skippy (magic) only at Toys-R-Us
  • legendary Rython (undead) exclusive to toys r us
  • legendary Prism Dog (earth) exclusive to toys r us
  • legendary Fire Dog (fire) exclusive to toys r us
  • jade Water Dog (water)
  • rainbow Magic claw Spyro (magic) exclusive to Walmart
  • hunter Ethon (air) exclusive to game stop
  • red Spyro (magic) exclusive to all starter packs 
  • green Spyro (magic) exclusive to best buy
  • Gold shell Walnado (air) exclusive to office max
  • Green Super Suction Gun Jet Vac (air)
  • Silver Guns Rython (undead) exclusive to target
  • Silver Gun(or dark)Super Gold Pot Trigger Happy (tech)
  • Golden Flame magic claw Spyro (magic)
  •  dark blue magic claw Spyro (magic) exclusive to game stop
  • light blue Spyro (magic) exclusive to Sam's club
  • bronze guns Rython (undead) exclusive to target
  • black Magic claw Spyro (magic) exclusive to Fye
  • brown Magic claw Spyro (magic) exclusive to Kmart
  • orange Magic claw Spyro (magic) exclusive to target
  • enchanted magic dog (magic) exclusive to Walmart
  • Dark Tree dog (life)

scroll down to see more!

Counsel(PS4, PS3, X-box 360, and X-box ONE)Starter Pack:

  • Skippy (magic)
  • rython(undead)
  • Cella(tech)
  • Tree dog (life)
  • Orange Wave Mega Dive Gill Grunt (water)
  • Red Magic claw Spyro (magic)
  • Magic Claw Spyro (magic)
  • Mega Dive Gill Grunt (water)
  • (the) Claw sub (magic-sea)
  • Lava burst claw sub (magic-sea)
  • Mega Trench reef ripper (water-sea)
  • Orange Wave Mega Trench Reef Ripper(water-sea)

3ds starter pack:

  • Lilly (water)
  • Ethon (air)
  • Red(magic claw)spyro (magic)
  • Rocket Slam Hammer Slam bowser (fire)
  • Rocket Grow Clown Cruiser(air-sky)
  • Lava Burst Claw Sub (magic-sea)
  • Nitro charge Donkey Kong (life)
  • Nitro charge Barrel Blaster(tech-Land)

triple packs:

  • legendary quick attack Star Strike (magic)
  • legendary super Cynder  (undead) 
  • legendary super Camo (life) exclusive to toys r us
  • legendary super Stump Smash (life)
  • legendary Rudolph (undead)
  • legendary Zap (water) exclusive to toys r us
  • Skippy (magic)
  • magic claw Spyro  (magic) 
  • super blade twin wiz (magic).

adventure packs:

super twister adventure pack includes:

  • Andrew (air)
  • super twister (item)
  • air swords (item) 
  • air shield (item).

super rocket ship adventure pack includes:

  • Cella (tech)
  • Super Rocket Ship (item)
  • tech swords (item) 
  • tech shield (item).

Battle packs:

Battle cannon  battle pack includes:

  • Skits (life)
  • quick attack Star Strike (magic)
  •  battle cannon (item)

golden battle cannon  battle pack includes:

  • Skits (life)
  • quick attack Star Strike (magic) 
  • golden battle cannon Exclusive to Target!!!

Extra Skylanders:

series 2: spooky fright rider (undead)


  • Crystal Ryan (undead)
  • Crystal Ry-Thon (undead)
  • Crystal Zap (water)
  • Crystal Eruptor (fire)
  • Crystal Spyro (magic)
  • Crystal Trigger Happy (tech)
  • Crystal Gill Grunt (water)
  • Crystal E-thon (air)
  • Crystal Ethan (air)

see more skylanders in part 2!

*New element(s).

**The only New element to have two buddies members is the Happy Meal Licensed element.

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