• Arinja
  • Earthwool
  • Icewool
  • Woolgrower
  • Spirito
  • ==
  • ==
  • Ashbleat
  • Gearcrusher
  • Bonewool
  • Floating Islands of Bleats (Chapter 10)
  • Lambs Peak (Chapter 9)

Note:Turn device sideways to see the Skylanders Falling Flocked logo.from Left to Right-Earthwool, Icewool, Woolgrower, Arinja, Spirito.


Kaos's "Ultralaser" with 1000 health.(in Chapter 8-Kaos's "Ultralaser".


This is Skylanders Falling Flocked. 8 sheeplike skylanders fly to the Earth to save Skylands. Kaos is taking over the world with a laser cannon called "The Ultralaser" to destroy the skylanders. He is capturing the skylanders. The original skylanders are now "Flocked" rank and ready to stop Kaos's evil plans.

Skylanders Falling Flocked Characters:Edit

Returning skylanders:Edit

  • Flocked Spyro
  • Flocked Trigger Happy
  • Flocked Gill Grunt
  • Flocked Eruptor
  • Flocked Sonic Boom
  • Flocked Stealth Elf
  • Flocked Terrafin
  • Flocked Chop Chop
  • Flocked Double Trouble
  • Flocked Drill Sergeant
  • Flocked Zap
  • Flocked Ignitor
  • Flocked Whirlwind
  • Flocked Zook
  • Flocked Prism Break
  • Flocked Hex


1-Flocked Fields

2-Enchanted Wool Gardens

3-Shearing Mine

4-Mountains of Grass

5-Ewe Caves

6-Fluffy Cascades

7-Underground Tunnel

8-The Ultralaser

Additional ChaptersEdit

9-Lambs Peak Adventure Pack (Chapter 9 of SFF)

10-Floating Islands of Bleats Adventure Pack≤ (Chapter 10 of SFF)


Kaos's "Ultralaser"

Other Skylanders Flocked GamesEdit

Skylanders Middle Flocked

Coming  Soon...Edit

Skylanders Rising Flocked

Skylanders Enemy Flocked

Skylanders Universe Flocked

Skylanders Super Flocked

≤poll≥ Who is your favorite SFF character? Woolgrower Arinja Gearcrusher Spirito Icewool Bonewool Earthwool Ashbleat ≤/poll≥

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