Kaos has escaped again...Edit

This time Kaos is back, with a new and updated Ultralaser. At least the Falling flock team is more powerful, with S2 characters, a new element, and a new flocked character. Now the Falling Flock team is the Middle Flock team. Fight through the Flock war to make the Middle Flock team rise!

Skylanders Middle Flock logo

Returning Falling Flocked CharactersEdit

New Middle Flocked CharactersEdit


  • 1-Wooly Battlegrounds
  • 2-Grass Passing
  • 3-Prickly Pastures
  • 4-Mystery Explosion
  • 5-Sheep Shock 
  • 6-Island of The Lamb
  • 7-Bleat Invasion
  • 8-The New Threat

Additional ChaptersEdit

Other Flocked GamesEdit

Coming Soon...Edit

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