Skylanders Racing is a brand new racing game.

Story Edit

Kaos had come back to rule over Skylands. But, this times he insists on a race. They will have to race all around Skylands, and the one who crosses the finish lines first wins. He says if the Skylanders won't accept his deal, he will destroy Skylands with his newest invention which he showed had just destroyed a quarter of Skylanders. The Skylanders had no choice but to agree. So now, the racing between good and evil starts now!

Playable Skylanders with their vehicles Edit

Each Skylander has three carts, two cars, and a motorbike, one for each move.

Spyro's AdventureEdit

Spyro: Dragonflame Car, Horn Charge Bike, Flight Cart

Gill Grunt: Fishey Car, Water Boiling Bike, Water Shield Cart

Trigger Happy: Golden Car, Gold Missle Bike, Gold Gun Cart

Eruptor: Volcanic Car, Lava Pool Bike, Fire Destruction Cart

Terrafin: Digger Car, Twin Shark Bike, Underground Cart

Stealth Elf: Sneaky Car, Pollen Polluter Bike, Apple Leaker Cart

Chop Chop: Arkeyan Car, Skull Scarer Bike, Sword Swing Cart

Whirlwind: Rainbow Car, Hurricane Blaster Bike, Tornado Spinner Cart

Bash: Stone Hitter Car, Horn Scrapper Bike, Rock Armour Cart

Boomer: Dynamite Car, Bomb Thrower Bike, Dynamite Smash Cart

Camo: Exploding Watermelon Car, Fruit Grabber Bike, Tree Picker Cart

Cynder: Undead Egg Car, Skullfist Bike, Danger Spikes Cart

Dino-Rang: Boomerang Car, Dinosaur Hatcher Bike, Jurrasic Roar Cart

Double Trouble: Double Healing Car, Staff Spell Bike, Spellsprayer Cart

Drill Sergeant: Drill Command Car, Bulldozer Bike, Strong Plow Cart

Drobot: Technological Dragon Car, Laser Beam Bike, Gear Shooter Cart

Flameslinger: Fire Arrow Car, Enchanted Lava Bike, Crossbow Cart

Ghost Roaster: Ghost Eater Car, Chain Whiplash Bike, Skeleton Cart

Hex: Undead Spell Car, Scary Skullhand Bike, Skullbird Cart

Ignitor: Knight Car, Flameshield Bike, Volcano Armour Cart

Lightning Rod: Stormcloud Car, Muscle Hammer Bike, Suncloud Cart

Prism Break: Crystal Energy Car, Energetic Bike, Crystalcloud Spell Cart

Slam Bam: Ice Statue Car, Icy Strength Bike, Cold Ground Cart

Sonic Boom: Alarm Car, Sound Egg Bike, High Pitch Cart

Stump Smash: Tree Car, Groundsmash Bike, Water growing Cart

Sunburn: Flamethrower Car, Phoenix Ash Bike, Teleport Cart

Voodood: Axe Swing Car, Dragon Armour Bike, Axe Hammer Cart

Warnardo: Turtle Car, Windy Bike, Air Shell Cart

Wham Shell: Crustacean Shell Car, Mace Hitter Bike, Bubble Shield Cart

Wrecking Ball: Crane Wrecker Car, Eating Bike, Whip Tounge Cart

Zap: Eel Lightning Car, Wavethrower Bike, Fishey Fin Cart

Zook: Bamboo Gun Car, Firework Bike, Thorny Cart

Starter Pack: Spyro, Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy, Eruptor, Chop Chop,Whirlwind, Stealth Elf, Terrafin

Dragonflame Car, Fishey Car, Golden Car, Volcanic Car, Digger Car, Sneaky Car, Arkeyan Car, Rainbow Car,