"Your tech is up!" --Slam Block's Catchphrase

Element: Tech 
Picture 1

Slam Block

Species: Arkeyan 


Slam Block was in the time of the Skyland War, skylanders were going to fight the enemies, being forced by Kaos to attack, Slam Block secretly was a good guy, he went into battle, destroying groups of arkeyans, enemies and more. Just as then, Master Eon was watching him fight through the battle, 3 years later, after the war ended. Slam Block found Eon, they chatted and were regular Pen-Pals, then finally Master Eon asked Slam Block to be a Skylander, due to huge fists of fury. Without no evilness, Slam Block said yes. 


Iron Fists 

Wheel Lightning Volt

Green Bullet Beam 

Bump Attack


Bright Eye Lasers

Head Laser

Solar Beam

Six Bullet

Laser Fists

Soulgem PowerEdit

Mouth Lasers

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