More oc life skylanders by blackrhinoranger-d69oc5k

Sling Kong(Credit to blackrhinoranger on deviantart)

 "Kookoo for coconut!" Sling Kong is a earth swap force skylander from my mini-series, Skylanders Next Generation.


Sling Kong was one of the very first beings on Skylands. He appeared shortly after the Giants' disappearance. Mysteriously, he vanished one day. Many, many years later, he reappeared in his home forest to find it as an Arkeyan Factory. Furious, he Sling-shot multiple coconuts in there as a warning before going mad and ripping the factory off it's land and throwing it down many, many miles below Skylands.


Coconut Craziness: Press attack 1 to fire coconuts at enemies.

Fists of Fury: Press attack 2 to punch.

Terrifying Tropical: Press attack 3 to make a GIANT coconut.

Basic Upgrades:

Frightening Fists: Punches do more damage.

Thunder Thwack: Fists are even stronger.

Coconut Charger: Hold attack 1 to charge your slingshot for more damage.

Path 1: Coconut King (slingshot and coconuts)

Crazy Charge: Hold attack 1 longer for maximum damage!

Kookoo Coconut: You can roll giant coconuts around.

King of Kicks: Rolling coconuts do more damage.

Path 2: U-F-Me (punches)

Super Strong: Fists do even MORE damage.

Stretchy Strength: Hold attack 2 to extend your punch.

Seriously Stretchy: Hold attack 2 longer to extend your punch maximum length.

Soul Gem & Wow Pow

Slingshot Strongman: Press attack 1 and attack 2 at once to launch your fist at enemies.

Wow Pow - That's my ape!: Punches are at maximum strength.

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