Snakes for the Memories!
-Snake Lock's official catchphrase.

Snake Locks











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Snake Locks is a Skylander OC by AdamGregory03 (talk).



Snake Locks is mischievous, and on occasion is ill-tempered, as seen when she once turned Trigger Happy to stone for annoying her. She gets along with the other Undead Skylanders, and even has a sisterly relationship with Roller Brawl. The snakes on her head also are known to be aggressive and easily jealous toward those who flirt with her.


Being one of the Gorgon Sisters, Snake Locks lived in the Outlands with Medusa. Though because the Gorgons were feared among Skylands for they're abilities to turn living creatures to stone, they hid themselves in the caves of the Outlands. Snake Locks eventually became interested and disguised herself so she could roam Skylands, but her disguise wasn't very good. She witnessed a band of sky pirates invade a nearby village, and immediatly slithered in and turned they're captain to stone, thus claiming her the role as a hero. She was noticed by Master Eon, and the Portal Master gave her the offer to become a Skylander.


Starting StatsEdit

  • Health: 250
  • Speed: 25
  • Armor: 8
  • Critical Hit: 32
  • Elemental Power: 25


  • Default Abilities:
    • Snake Fangs (Primary attack; Snake Locks bites her opponent)
    • Stone Snakes (Secondary attack; Snake Locks' snakes emit eye beams that turn opponents to stone)
  • Basic Upgrades:
    • ​Snake Summon (Tertiary attack; Snake Locks summons two snakes that attack enemies)
    • Fangs a Lot (Snake Fangs attack deals increased damage)
    • Stone Statues (Stone Snakes attack freezes enemies for a longer period of time)
    • Poisonous Bite (Snake Fangs attack will drain health from enemies overtime)
  • Path 1: Statue-Making Serpent (Further develop the Stone Snakes ability)
    • Exploding Statues (Using the Stone Snakes attack on already frozen enemies makes them explode)
    • Not Safe from Stones (Bigger enemies are now affected by the Stone Snakes attack)
    • Stone Walls (While holding Attack2, press Attack3 to create a near-indestructable stone wall)
  • Path 2: Scaly Friends (Further develop the Snake Summon ability)
    • Spitting Cobras (Snake allies can also poison enemies)
    • Three's a Charm (Summon three snake allies instead of just two)
    • Mega Snake (Hold Attack3 to combine the snakes into one giant serpent)
  • Soul Gem Ability:
    • Hungry Hungry Snakes (Snake allies will go after food and eat it, restoring Snake Locks' health)


  • She bares similarities to the Swap Force character, Rattle Shake, as both are Undead element characters and are related to snakes in some way.
    • She is also similar to the Giant, Crusher, as they both have the ability to turn they're enemies to stone.
  • All of her attacks have the word "Snake" in the name.
  • Her catchphrase, "Snakes for the Memories", is a play-on-words of the Fall Out Bay song, Thanks for the Memories.

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