Snap-Trap in his mech suit he obtained from the trolls.

Snap-Trap is a core life skylander from Skylanders Legends

Stats and Quotes Edit

Power: 100/100

Defence: 85/100

Speed: 10/100

Luck: 30/100


Snap-Trap stat card.

 Main catch phrase: "Make pollution an illusion!"

Other phrases.

"chow time!"

"taste the waste!"

"clean up your act!"

"ahh very nice!" - obtaining treasure

"you can run, but you cant hide! whahahahaha!" - out of his suit

Story Edit

Many years ago snap trap was just a humble fly trap plant who lived deep in the forest, until one day a group of trolls started polluting the forest with toxic waste and robots, snap trap got covered in a bunch of waste and soon before he knew it, grew 10x his normal size and developed legs! He quickly ran and scared away all the trolls, eating a few as well... eventually found a robotic suit called the waste-o-tron, left behind by one of the trolls. snap trap jumped right on in this suit and before you know it, claimed it as his own! 3 years later after this, eon found him cleaning up a mess that camo made in his garden and knew that his powers will be very useful in defending skylands, so now snap trap (aswell as his robotic suit) are protecting skylands!

Abilities and other variantsEdit

Snap-Trap has plenty of Abilities he can use, in his mech suit, he can shoot toxic sludge at his foes, and outside of his suit, he can attack foes using combos!


Snap-Traps moveset

 Primary: Uses jaws to chomp foes!, holding down the primary button will charge up a super pound move used by his mech suit, this knocks back foes that surround him. ( or primary, primary, hold primary, to perform a jump slam move! )

Secondary: Shoots a blob of toxic waste at foes, can later be upgraded to freeze foes and leave a trail of burning acid, holding down the secondary will charge up a powerful toxic triple blast, the center one explodes into a pool of sludge!

Special: Jumps out of his suit to lay the smack down on the foes!...when outside of the suit, the suit will follow him, with upgrades, the suit can also deal damage to foes by spewing a rain of acid and toxic waste all over the area and spinning its arms like a twister.

combos outside of suit (ps3 as example) X, X, hold X - Spiny Spin

X, X, hold O - Head slam

X, X, hold Square - Mega chomp

Other variants

- Green Snap-trap ( similar to green gill grunt )

- Lightcore Snap-trap

Snap toy

snap-trap toy form


  • Snap-trap is vegan
  • - Because of his suit, he is the biggest core skylander

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