4 Snap Shot

Snap Shot is a trap master skylander crocodile, from Skylanders Trap Team, that uses a traptanium bow and sword to attack. Catchphrase: Croc and roll! That's his official catchphrase.


Snap Shot used to patrol the icy fields of skylands where the national skylands bank remained. One day while Snap Shot was patrolling, Kaos sent out his trolls to steal the gold in the vault. Snap Shot noticed the trolls and began shooting icy arrows from afar, then the trolls knew they were spotted and panicked and ran away from the area. Snap Shot was a hero and Eon asked him to join the skylanders!


Frozen Bow: Press the primary button to shoot an icy arrow.

Pocket sword: Press the secondary button to slice enemies with you ice sword.

Frozen Fangs: Press the third button to let off a frozen bite, that freezes enemies solid.

Basic UpgradesEdit

Freeze touch: All attacks freeze enemies, which causes them to take damage, slide around, and are immobile.

Sword Ice play: Hold the secondary button then let go to jump in the air and slam your sword into the ground which creates an sharp icy trail that damages enemies.

Bow down: Press and hold the primary button to let of spinning icy arrows that spread out.

Frozen chomp: Biting does more damage and hold the third button to charge forward biting anything in your path.

Frozen Fury (Sword and Bow)Edit

Thick Ice: All ice attacks do even more damage.

Glacial combos: Press, primary, primary, secondary, for sword beam and press, primary, primary, third, for glacier blast.

Glacial stab: While holding the secondary button, press the primary button to jet forward stabbing anything in your way.

Icy Teeth (Biting)Edit

Thin Fangs: Fangs get suck on enemy and do more damage overtime.

Frozen Tipped Teeth: Biting does more damage.

Rabid bite: When you bite enemies, enemies attack other enemies for a while.

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