Sonic Screw's Offical Catchphrase is Loose Screw Coming In!

Sonic Screw

She Has Many Attacks and is Friends with Sprocket


The Friends of Sprocket Sonic Screw Did the Duties Of The Workshop While Sprocket was Gone. She and her Dad Helped Duties and then suddenly one day walking to work the greebles were setting Bombs off in the shop and sonic screw looked in her backpack and got out the Flash Speeder 1.0 and she rushed and got all the bombs and threw them in the greebles lair and the greebles exploded and Eon let her join the Skylanders.


Drill Copy

Backpack Items - Lasers,Powered Nitro Goggles and Flashspeeder 1.0

Lazer Case

Light Standby 1.0

Flashspeeder 1.5

Flash Speeder 2.0


Backpack Of metal

Bombs Away

Metal Backpack

Steel Goggles

Rainbow Backpack

Sue Dragonfly Robots

Rainbow Power Backpack

Rainbow In a Bottle

Rainbow Bombs

Wirldwind Team Up

check our others and our poster bye!

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