Sorceress is a female Magic Skylander.
Sorceress for CCSW



"Magic rules all!"




Sorceress was born to a family of elven sorcerers and sorceresses. She grew up learning the Art or magic, but one day, whilst she was out walking, her entire family vanished without a trace. She took her mother's robes and staff, and set out to find her family. Master Eon met her, and she became a Skylander, fighting evil (whilst still looking out for her family) all the time.


Main AttacksEdit

Staff Beam: Press A to fire a beam from your staff.

Power Beam: Press B to fire a concentrated stream of energy.

Basic UpgradesEdit

Beam Blast: Staff Beam does extra damage.

On and on and on: Power Beam goes on for longer.

Blast of Death: Press Z to unleash an energy blast all around you.

Path 1- Staff of Ages (Staff Beam Path)Edit

Triplo Beamo: Fire three beams at once.

BOOMO BEAMO: Beams explode!

Outwardso Boomo: When beams explode, they send mini-beams outward.

Path 2- Blast to the Past (Blast of Death Path)Edit

Ultimate Blast: Blast of Death does extra damage.

FLOATY ORBS... MUST GET: Blast of Death leaves floating orbs around that attack enemies.

Orbs of Power: Orbs last longer.

SOUL GEM- Extra-Tough Robes: Extra tough robes make you harder to hurt.

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