Spice Skunk is a fire element
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Spice Skunk


Spice Skunk used to have a restaurant called Skunky Funk. But no one came because the teenage skunk stank out the whole place. Poor Spice Skunk gave up one day, and closed down the restaurant. But, he found his true power when, one day, he was having dinner when his cooking gave him gas, and he let out a huge fart that burnt the shrubs within eight metres of him! The smell of this young chef reached soon Stink Bomb, who sought out him and led him to Eon who made him a Skylander. Now, he always carries around a spare box of burritos in case an enemy approaches!


Attack 1: Whack enemies with a fiery tail.

Attack 2: Eat a food from his belt and he will spray a gigantic gas, depending on which food it is that he eats.

Attack 3: Eat either a burrito which gives you fiery farts, baked beans to let out a noxious gas cloud or a jelly to spray a homemade bounce pad!


Spice Skunk is a handy character to have around. He sprays, whacks and eats! Hi stats are:

Power: 190/200

Defense: 165/200

Speed: 150/200

Luck: 170/200

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