"Prepare for harvest!" is Squashes catchphrase. Squash is a mobile squash who uses a hammer to squash things beneath him.


Squash was a little squash before his parents told him about the attack on his city, by the trolls. They immediately had to evacuate the house and take cover, it was then that Squash, accidentally took a real hammer from the tool box in the station, and thought it was a toy. As soon as realizing it wasn't, Squash knew immediately what to do. He sneakily went outside and started banking trolls, after a while, his parents realized he was gone, and quickly went outside. They saw trolls lying on the ground, with ice packs on their heads and rubbing their bottoms, and Squash completely unharmed. A few years later, Eon decided, now when Squash is older, decided to ask him to join the skylanders again!


Hammer Squash: Press the primary button to slam your hammer down causing strong damage, press primary, primary, and primary for a combo.

Squash: Press secondary button to jump in the air and slam down, or jump in the air then press secondary button for some effect.

Vine time: Press third button to grow a vine on your head, after a while squash begin to grow, and after a while you grow two squash on the vine, press third button to eat them, vine will shrivel up and disappear after squashes have been eaten.

Basic upgradesEdit

Flat like paper: Every time you hit an enemy with the hammer slam or squash attack, they flatten and are unable to attack for a while.

Better squash: Hold secondary button to keep spinning in the air, then release to slam on the ground doing damage and causing a small shockwave, damage increase the longer you hold the button.

Squash bomb: Hold third button to charge squash vine, then release to plant a squash bomb on the ground.

Made with steel: Hammer does increased damage.

Hammer Time!!! (Hammer)Edit

Squashtastic combos: Hold primary, primary, secondary for smash the squash. Hold primary, primary, third for hammer uplift.

Squashwave: Hold primary button to charge hammer slam, release to slam hammer on the ground causing a very large shockwave that continuously spreads outwards.

Twice the squash: Now you have two hammers for quicker hammer attacks.

The ultimate squash (Squash vine)Edit

Sweet, sweet, squash: Now you can grow up to 3 squash that heal 18 health.

Better fertilizer: Squash grow faster

Vine alive: Vine whips any enemy that comes near.

Soulgem and WowpowEdit

Soul gem: Apple crisp skin: Armor is increased, which makes you harder to hit.

Wowpow: Squash frenzy: Can plant up to three squash bombs.


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