Stan Gliss
Stan Gliss

Back StoryEdit

Stan's origins lies in the Glass Dimension. He hung around with his fellow Glassians and danced for 50,000 years, never getting tired. That was until Gobe the Moleking invaded the Glass Dimension. Most of the Glassians shattered during the fight. Yet Stan could not be broken. The Moleking was angry yet curious of that fact he wouldn't break. For 5 horrible years Gobe hammered away at Stan, and Stan never borke. Eon noticed this, and made an offer to Stan, become a Skylander and escape Gobe's clutches, or stay with Gobe until time stopped or he did break.

Stan Gliss agreed to Eon's terms...


Shattered HandEdit

Stan temporarily shatters his hand to do heavy damage to enemies. 


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