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Star Light

Species: Star
Gender: Female
Element: Magic
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Elemental Masters
Attacks/Actions: Magic Blast, Little Stars and Blind Time.

"First Star I see tonight!"

-Star Light's official Catchphrase

Star Light is a new Skylander from Skylanders: Elemental Masters. She is one of the 10 Elemental Masters. (PAGE IS STILL IN THE WORKS)


Star Light was created by a powerful wizard named Ghost. Ghost created her as to help him with sorting books but Star Light didn't bother to do that. Ghost noticed that Star Light only created a bunch of mini stars around her. He was confused of why she did that. Ghost thought he created her wrong. Then came along 10 greebles and came and attacked the Library Ghost worked in. He has no idea what to do. Then He realized why Star Light was creating stars! Star Light must have known they were coming so she was getting ready for battle! Ghost watched as Star Light fought off the Greebles. Using her mythical blasts to destroy the greebles Ghost was very proud of Star Light. Then came along Master Eon who then made Star Light a Skylander and a Elemental Master.

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