"Feel the Storm!"

-Storm Cloud's Catchphrase.
Storm Cloud Card

Storm Cloud is a Air Skylander that is a cloud


Long ago before Storm Cloud was a skylander, Storm Cloud was human! Yet one terrible day.. Storm Cloud was caught in a giant electric storm and got zapped turning him into a Cloud with electricity! One day he was floating above the sky and saw Freeze Blade getting ambushed by a bunch of Trolls! Storm Cloud flew down and zapped all the trolls with blades of electricity. Freeze Blade thanked him and brought him to Master Eon where he accepted Storm Cloud into the Skylanders Team!


Attack 1: Power Zap: Shoots out bolts of lighting.

Attack 2: Floating Cloud: Can Fly over bad guys and shoot them with a powerful bolt of lighting.


Rainbow Blast!: Shoots a huge Rainbow Blast from eyes.

More more power!: Power Zap has increased damage.

Giant Cloud: Becomes huge cloud over bad guys and bolt of lightning does increased damage.

Rainbow Hole of Doom!: Hold (attack 3) To shoots a giant rainbow hole where bad guys get trapped in.

Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow!Edit

This path lets you further develop your Rainbow attacks.

Rainbow Explosion: Tap (Attack 3) 3 times to spin and do a rainbow explosion.

More rainbow doom!: Rainbow Hole of Doom does increased Damage.

KARAINBOOM!: Rainbow Explosion does even MORE increased damage!

Zap zappity Zap!Edit

This path lets you further develop your Bolts of Lightning

Giant Bolt of Lightning: Hold (Attack 1) To shoot a huge bolt of lighting that does massive damage.

Gimmie More Lightning!: Power Zap does even MORE increased damage.

Huge Damage!: Giant Bolt of Lightning does huge explosion that will instantly kill any bad guy


Which path do you want?

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