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Species: Storm Cloud
Gender: Female
Element: Air
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Elemental Masters
Attacks/Actions: Rainbow Lazers of Doom, Lightning Strike and Air Attack.

"Storm of Lightning!"

-Stormie's official Catchphrase.

Stormie is a new Skylander in Skylanders: Elemental Masters. Shes also one of the 10 Elemental Masters. (PAGE STILL IN THE WORKS)


Stormie became alive by becoming apart of a cloud. A strike of lightning flew right through Stormie and she became alive. Her eyes opened and her mouth dropped as she found out she was a living cloud and being able to talk? That was great too! She flew all around the sky so happy but then another struck of lightning hit her and made her fall all the way to land. She looked all around confused. She was happily still alive but strikes of lightning flow through her. Then came along some evil Shield Shredders trying to capture her to absorb her power for their new machine. But she was not going to allow this to happen. She flew right over them and struck them with lightning and they instantly got electrocuted. She was so proud of her self. Then came along a mysterious little creature in the shape of a twist. He told her to come with him to meet Master Eon where she was made a Skylander and a Elemental Master. Now Stormie and Twist go on many adventures.

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