Sunny Day

"Cloudy With A Chance of FUNDER!" Sunny Day's Catchphrase.

Sunny Day is an Air Element Skylander for Skylanders Evolution.


In the highest reaches of Skylands, the Cloud Fields, Sunny Day always had the brightest eyes, the biggest smile, in fact, he was downright happy. He and his friends would play weather tricks on grumpy Trolls, but one trick went to far. Sunny Day made it snow for 50 days straight on the Trolls' Bunkers, creating a pile of ice reaching the clouds for the Trolls to climb and use to conquer the Cloud Fields. Of course, this didn't ruin Sunny Day's mood, but it sure did ruin his friends' fun by being locked up in cages by angry Trolls, which did barely urk him a little bit. After raining on the Trolls' parade and rescuing his friends, they suggested that he should join the Skylanders, so he could make new friends, and he could play fun games with Trolls (And other grumpy creatures) without getting in trouble.


Attack 1: Sun Flash

Attack 2: Rain Dance


Snow Splat: Press Attack 3 to drop a pile of snow.

Just Heat It: Sun Flash does more damage.

Come Again Another Day: Rain Dances bring up two clouds and do more damage with thunder attacks.

Frosty's Not Home: Drop a Snowpile onto another and it'll become a snowman.

Cold Snap (Snow and Rain)Edit

Prepare For Cool Air: Dropping snowpiles generates cold air around you.

Hail to the Sun: The rain is now Hailstones and the Thunder is now a Cold Zap, freezing enemies solid.

An Ice Surprise: Drop a Snowpile onto an enemy and it'll turn into a snowman wearing a tophat firing snowballs.

Can You Feel The Sunshine? (Sun and Thunder)Edit

Live Steaming: Rain Clouds release boiling water and Thunder that leaves a burn on the ground.

Hope You Brought Sun-Screen: Sun Flash sets enemies alight on fire.

Romesnow and Chilliet: Use Sun Flash or Thunder Strikes on Snowmen to let loose a torrent.

Soul GemEdit

Can Thor Do That?: You can control a third Rain Cloud. 

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