No Gold,No Glory!

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Species: Gremlin
Gender: male
Element: tech
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: A New Beginning


English Voice Actor: Thibo1102

Trigger Happy is a gremlin gunslinger Skylander in Skylanders:The Master Sword. He has a Legendarycounterpart called Legendary Trigger Happy exclusive to Toys 'R' Us and Dreamland. He also has a Spring counterpart.

Backstory Edit

History Edit

With his kooky cackle and lolloping tongue, it's hard to get much sense out of Trigger Happy. The grinning gunslinger lets his golden pistols do the talking. In fact, his response to most things is to set both barrels blazing. Trigger Happy first appeared in a tough frontier town on the furthest reaches of Skylands. The town was dirt poor and had recently been beset by a band of bully bandits. One day, having grown bored of terrorizing the townsfolk with their bad breath and sheep-shearing jokes, the bandits were holding up the local bank. Outside, their dragon steeds were fired up for a quick getaway.

Suddenly, a short, stumpy stranger strolled into the high street. And after taking one look at the bandits, Trigger Happy started shooting. Gold coins sprayed everywhere, embedding themselves into the buildings and the behinds of the bandits, who promptly hightailed it out of there. The town was made instantly rich and Trigger Happy a legend. His gold-slinging antics soon reached the ears of Master Eon, who immediately made him a Skylander. Trigger Happy remains true to his name, by shooting first and asking questions later. Actually, he never bothers to ask questions.

Attacks Edit


Golden Pistols:shoot rapidfire coins out of both golden guns.

Lob Golden Safe:Lob explosive golden safes at Trigger Happys enemies.

Basic Upgrades

Golden Super Charge:Charge up the Golden Gun, then release to fire a bullet that does damage.

Pot O' Gold:Throw a Pot of Gold, which does increased damage.

Golden Mega Charge:Charge up Trigger Happy's Golden Gun longer to do even more damage.

Golden Machine Gun:Activate a machine gun and swivel its aim with the control stick.

Soul Gem

Infinite Ammo:Golden Machine Gun has unlimited ammo.

TriviaEdit Edit

  • He has the lowest health in the game out of all the Skylanders, making him easy to defeat
  • In the Xbox 360 version of Spyro's Adventure, when you obtain his Soul Gem, it incorrectly states the name of the upgrade as "Infinite Hellfire", but when upgrading him, it says Infinite Ammo. It is unknown whether the Soul Gem is a typo, or if it is incorrectly named in upgrading.
  • The gold icon in Skylanders: Lost Islands has an image of Trigger Happy on it.

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