"Catch of the day!"




In the Netherworld, he was the sneakiest theif of all time. He was about to steal the Eternal Air Source when the Skylanders stopped him. Swiper Sniper realized that what he did was wrong so he asked Eon to be a Skylander. Eon gave him the job, and a rocket launcher to go with it!


1: Rocket Blast

2: Teleport

SOUL GEM: Exploding Rockets

Additional AttacksEdit

Teleport Farther

Grab An Enemie

Blasting Enemies Heals You

Path 1Edit

Triple Blast

Bigger Rockets

Explosian Expands

Path 2Edit

Keep An Enemie For Longer

Throw An Enemie

After Enemie's Been Thrown they get stunned.

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