"slash and smash"- techat official catchphrase


originally an agent of the orginazaition "C.A.T.T" (companions all the time) she was sent to be the pet of a troll engineer. the troll, however allways preformed expirements on the cat, making her realize trolls are evil. with her newfound powers she completly smashed and slashed the troll camp she was held captive in. this had made eon seek this technological cat to recruit her into being a skylander, while techat enters a rivalry with hot dog. not the best Decision from eon.


cat claws- slash enemies with claws

nail rocket- shoot your claws at enemies

basic upgradesEdit

smash slash- slash does increased damage

aerodynamic nails- nail rockets do increased damage

explosion mechanism- nail rockets explode and do increased damage

gear roll- create a giant gear beneath you so you will roll around with it

"klaws kat"- claws pathEdit

cat combos- press attack 112 for cat dash, press attack 113 for cat pounce

claw gear- gear roll does increased damage

metal claws- claws do even more increased damage

"break a nail"- nail rocket pathEdit

regenerative nails- can shoot nails faster

sticking nails- rocket nails stick into enemies and do damage over time

the nails of the troll engineer- rocket nails do max damage

soul gemEdit

while riding the gear, press attack 1 to make the gear explode

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