Techno is a Gremlin who made a robot suit to protect skylands.

One day he wanted to be a skylander,so he set out to find the ruins.

When he got there he showed himself to Eon who turned him into a skylander


primary attacks

1.laser gun:shoots lasers

2.lightsaber:swings his lightsaber

soul gem:turns into a tank


flaming:uses a flamethrower

Lightersaber:lightsaber is stronger

ping pong:lasers bounce off enimies and walls

Path 1 Flamer

propoltion:use flame thrower to fly up

alite: set people on fire

Infurno:charge up flamethrower

Path 2 laser razor

longer laser:lasers last longer

Triple the awsomenes:lasers split into three

power shot:charge up laser for a strong blast

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