Techno Gecko was a lizard who had a liking for technology. He did not quite fit into his family with his technological mind and large body. But one day, he had a chance to prove himself to them. His family was kidnapped by an evil sorcerer who planned to use their reptile skin for an invisibility spell. Techno Gecko leaped into action and rescued his family from the sorcerer with a home-made Arkeyan powersuit. Word of Techno Gecko's victory over the sorcerer and discovery of Arkeyan powersuits meant for good reached the ear of Master Eon, who made Techno Gecko a Skylander. The tech-loving reptile has since protected Skylands and his grateful family.



Powersuit Zap: Press A1 to go into Tech form and fire rays of powerful energy at enemies.

Magical Help: Press A2 to go into Magic form and summon a small Arkeyan ally that combats enemies.


Spark Shock: Go into Tech form and press A3 to shock a whole area with electricity.

Power Vortex: Go into Magic form and press A3 to create a magical black hole that pulls in enemies.

Fresh Form: All attacks do increased damage after switching forms for a short time.

Upgrade PathsEdit

Gizmo Gecko (Tech Form)Edit

Reptile Ray: Powersuit Zap does increased damage.

Super Sparks: Spark Shock covers a larger area and does increased damage.

Engineereptile Path (Arkeyans)Edit

Aerial Arkeyans: Arkeyan robots have rocket power and do increased damage 

Reptile Robotics: Arkeyan robots last longer, do increased damage, and three can be used at a time.

Black Vortex Path (Vortexes)Edit

Verocious Vortex: Vortexes are bigger and do increased damage.

Power of the Hole: Step into a vortex to create an explosion that damages all nearby enemies.

Soul Gem UpgradeEdit

Powerhouse Swap-You will automatically critically hit after switching forms for a short time! Requires Soul Gem in Warhead Weaponry.


1. Techno Gecko carries around a transmitter that allows him to control Arkeyan robots.

2. He has a huge habit of taking anything mechanical apart and rebuilding it, which got him into some trouble with Trigger Happy after he turned his pistols into water guns.

3. When Techno Gecko became mixed with the Magic element, he learned how to make huge black holes and immediately summon Arkeyan robots.

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