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Temp Check


Temp Check is a new core lander for Skylanders Next Gen, belonging in the element of water.


On an island so far away that Eon didn't bother naming, a creature was coming to life. It was born on the tip of the ice side of the island, and the same with the fire side. It was so special that instead of just having one of the two powers, he got both. He had so much power that he flew to Cloudbreak to visit new land. Eon saw this, considering the fact that the Swap Force were stopping Kaos there. Temp Check was asked to become a Skylander, and he did.


Steamin' demon: Press Attack 1 to create hot, steamy water.

Dragons are jealous: Press Attack 2 to breathe water.

Frozen Flying Fire: Press Attack 3 to fly!


Flamin' Flamingos: Hold Attack 1 to create fire!

Frozen Flamingos: Hold Attack 2 to create an avalanche!

Oh damn-it: Hold Attack 1 while flying to create a wall of water!

I'll have more soon, ML

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