TechSymbolSkylanders Trash Packer TechSymbolSkylanders
Species: Puppy
Gender: Male
Element: Tech
Role: Skylander
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Fusions
Skylanders: Eris's League
Skylanders: Master Quest
Skylanders: Senseition
Skylanders: World
Attacks/Actions: Plunger Shot
Box Shelter
Pointy Plungers
Get Over Hewe!!
Packing Peanuts
English Voice Actor: Alex Thorne
First Release: Skylanders: Fusions

Sending You Packing! -Trash Packer's official catchphrase

Trash Packer is a young trash dog in Skylanders: Fusions.



Primary AttacksEdit

Attack 1- Plunger Shot: Press 1 to shoot a retractable plunger that sticks to enemies, press 1 again to bring the plunger back and deal damage.

Attack 2- Box Shelter: Press 2 to hide inside a box and surprise enemies with a pounce.

Attack 3- Garbage Shot: Press 3 to launch forward from your garbage can damaging anyone in your way.

Soul Gem- Old Dirty Plunger: Plunger now stun enemies that are hit by it.

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Pointy Plungers (Plunger Shot does increased damage)
  • Better Box Shelter (Armor is increased thanks to an improved packaging box)
  • Plunger Pawadox (Shoot out two retractable plungers at once)

Upgrade PathsEdit

Path 1: Plunger Pup (Plunger Shot Attacks)Edit

  • Get Over Hewe!! (Hold Attack 1 when a plunger is out to drag an enemy forward, in which you can either press Attack 2 to bite them, Attack 3 to headbutt them or throw the enemy back by releasing Attack 1)
  • Critical Claws (Critical hit is increased thanks to sharpened claws on your plungers)
  • Plunger Gatling (Shoot out plungers in a rapid succession by rapidly pressing Attack 1)

Path 2: Boxed Up (Box Shelter and Garbage Shot Attacks)Edit

  • Packing Peanuts (Packing Peanuts are now in your Box Shelter, which deal poisonous damage to enemies)
  • Bigger Better Box Shelter (A new and improved Box Shelter maximizes your armor)
  • Trash Can Slam (Press Attack 3 in air to launch yourself into the air before coming back down with a shower of trash can meteors!)


  • He is voiced by Alex Thorne who also voices Romeo from PJ Masks and the former voice of Zuma from PAW Patrol.