Tree wreck

"crash and fern!"


tree wreck was once the only tree of a chopped forest. a mabu villiage has settled around the tree after discovering his magical quality: he grows magical, tasty fruits to anyone who treats him nicely and grows stingy, annoying thorn bushes to anyone who abuses him. the troll comander told the trolls they forgot to chop tree wreck. when the the trolls came they started to attack everything in sight. from that moment on the magical tree woke up, took the form of a warrior and smashed all the trolls out of the villiage with fruits, thorn bushes and other trees. master eon saw all that happen and made him a skylander.

powers and upgradesEdit

apple toss- lob apples

thorn bush- grows 2 meters away from tree wreck, damages everythings it touches,

basic upgades

orange fruits- apple toss does increased (changes to oranges

tree stomp- similar to chop chops bone brambles but with trees

extra thorns- thorn bush does increased damage

faster regrowth- can lob fruits much faster

path 1- fruit puncher

melon lob- apple does even more increased damage (changes to melons)

waterLEMON bombs- apple toss does even more increased damage and explode to damage multiple enemies

first place watermelon- hold attack 1 to create a giant watermelon- 3 sec

path 2- born to thorn

horn thorns- thorn bush does increased damage

thorn shooting guns- thorn bushes are shooting thorns themselfes

like a thorn in YOUR butt- thorn bush and shot out thorns stick to enemies and do damage over time- 6/ 9 damage each time

soul gem- control them- hold attack 3 to extend the tree stomp, do extra damage and can be controled

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