Turbo's Offical Catchphrase is Lock and Fire!



The Brother of Sonic Screw, Turbo Helped at the shop after Sonic Screw Left At first Turbo was shocked to see that many of his friends became skylanders for the brand new game coming out soon Skylander Random Destroyers.One Day The Greebles Came back with Ice Gorelm and Mountain Ones Then a Few Skylanders saw their names was Jeweled Sky, Fire Horn Spyro, Neo Wrecking Ball, Amored Chop Chop and Light Of Glory Smolderdash When The Villians came in They trashed the place and turbo grabbed some items that he made when she was gone and he put it on.Meanwhile when the skylanders came in they was in for a fight and they were trashing the greebles and the other villians.but when turbo came in he said Target Locked and He Fired at The Villans and they all Fell Flat and Eon Made Turbo a Skylander.


Lock And Load

Guns Of Metal

Bag of Tricks

Helium and Caborn Dioxcide and Explosives

Back Gun

Path 1 - Scar of The Night

Metal Claws

New Target Glasses

Back Gun

Path 2 - Bubbling Gas


Monster Ooze

New Armor Boost

Wow Pow - Big Explosive Bomb

Thats All

Note: I am Making More Soon Hope you Enjoyed These Skylanders

Turbo,Jeweled Sky,Firepaw,Devil Bite,Cannon,Sonic Screw and Air Bender

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