"Two Heads are better than one!"


Haunted Knight


Twin-Killers was a very rare two headed spirit, and he wanted to find armour for him to possess. He came across some remains of haunted armour, after the Skylanders were there. He took the armour, and went to thank the Skylanders. When they saw him they got worried, but Eon knew what he came for, and also asked if he would like to be a Skylander himself. He agreed.


1: Sword Smash

2: Shadow Dash

SOUL GEM: Ecto Swords

Additional AttacksEdit

Ecto Armour

Ground Pound

Shock Wave

Path 1Edit

Killer Combo

Haunted Blades

Super Pound

Path 2Edit

Extended Shadow Dash

Shadow Collecter

Shadow Dash Leaves Ecto-Trail

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