Painyatta Villain


In the farthest corner of Skylands, there was a realm where parties never ended and everyone had a good time and called Party Central. Viva, the main gaurdian of the land was the strongest party animal you would ever see. One faithful day, Eon came to visit Viva personally and asked him to join the Skylanders. Hesitantly, he agreed, and  the next partier was appointed as gaurd.


  • Primary Attack: Punching
  • Secondary Attack: Candy bomb
  • Soul Gem: Able to pick up scraps from bomb for health


  • Bombs have a bigger blast radius
  • An upper cut can be used if punch is charged
  • Movement speed is slightly increased

Path 1Edit

  • Two bombs can be shot at the same time if charged
  • Bombs have an even bigger radius
  • Bombs do more damage

Path 2Edit

  • Ground pound during jump
  • A combo is added
  • If the end of the combo is charged up, the damage wil be increased.


Viva would be a Magic Skylander. Catacphrase: "Filled with Fun!" Species: Pain-Yata.

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