Volcan her

"i am a flame with fame!"


Volcan her was Eruptor girlfriend until the volcano exploded and was blown away to the edges of skylands! she searched everywhere and entered a troll prison. she saw all he poor prisoners and set them free, and escaped with the prisoners to take them to a safe place. this act of nobilty made eon seek Volcan her, and he made her a skylander, and finally reuniting with her boyfriend.

powers and upgradesEdit

fire (the) ball- throw flaming balls at your enemies

flame hand spin- spin around with your hands on fire, getting dizzy afterwards

basic upgrades

fired balls- hold to rapidly shoot fire balls that do increased damage

flame flight- use your hands to fly

better burst- flame spin does extra damage

balerina spin- dont get dizzy after spinning

path 1- bowler of fire

better baller- flame balls do extra damage

molten balls- fire balls stick into enemies and damage over time

fire circle- while holding attack 1, press attack 2 to shoot fire balls in all directions

path 2- flame dancer

flaming flame- flame spin does increased damage

spin movement- can move around while spinning

flight fire pound- while flying, press attack 2 to dive bomb

soul gem- fire trail- fires are left behind you when flying

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