Watchdog is a magic bulldog wizard who has the ability to use mystical crystal eyes.

Catchphrase "Now you see me, now you don't!"


Watchdog was always into magic, he loved to perform tricks ever since he was a little puppy. As the years have passed, his magic has improved greatly. He now has the ability of telepathy and being able to predict the future. Kaos was interested in Watchdog's magic, so he tried to take Watchdog and make him do tricks and predict what Eon will do next. Watchdog however, was aware of Kaos's plan to capture Skyland's magic sources. So Watchdog did the ultimate trick on Kaos, the invisible box! Then after performing it, Kaos was in a box. He was stuck in there for a long time. Then Eon saw how useful his magical abilities were and persuaded him to join the skylanders!


Eye staff: Press primary button to shoot magical crystal eyes from the staff that home in on enemies.

Time to stop: Press secondary button to stop time for 3 seconds.

Eye pegs: Press third button to place a magical peg, place another peg somewhere else to cause a electrical link between them, you can place up to two.

Basic upgradesEdit

Staff of truth: Staff does more damage.

Look out!: When you freeze time, mini crystal eyes fly out and also attack enemies.

Pegs a lot!: Now you can place up to 4 pegs!

Peg energy: Linked pegs electricity does increased damage.

Eye of truth (Crystal eyes)Edit

Triple eye of doom: Press primary button to shoot 3 crystal eyes at a time.

Eye bawl: Hold primary button to charge staff, release to blast a large crystal eye that knocks down multiple enemies.

Pack o pegs: Now you can place up to 6 pegs.

Not a time machine (Time freeze)Edit

Hold on!: Time freezes for 4 seconds!

Sharp time: Enemies get gradually damaged as time is frozen.

Slower than speed of time: When time unfreeze, enemies are slowed for a bit.

Soulgem and WowpowEdit

Soul Gem: Speedy eyes: Eyes now travel even faster.

Wowpow: Peg rally: Hold 3rd button to charge pegs, release to toss pegs all around you, causing a barrier.


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