Water whipper

"whip hard or dont whip at all!"- water whipper's catchphrase


in a villiage somewhere in the skylands, a beutyfull woman had been the sorce of jealosy of an ugly, nasty witch. one day when the women took water from the lake she was shoved by the witch into the water and the witch cast a spell on her to turn her in to water, permanently. when a water wizard came across the lake and was attacked by thiefs, one of his potions rolled in to the lake, making the woman into a watery version of herself. seeing whats going on, the woman used her newfound abilities to defeat the thiefs and help the wizard. this act caught the attention of master Eon who made the woman into the skylander: water whipper!


basic attacksEdit

water whip- whip the enemies with a water whip

liquified snakes- turn the whip into a snake the moves forward and attacks everything in his way

basic upgradesEdit

water tention- water snakes do increased damage

water extention- water whip is longer

whip smash- smash your whip on enemies ( like Ignitor's 3rd attack)

whip creamer- water whip does more damage

path 1 "liquid cowgirl"Edit

water ways- combo 2- whip whirlpool, combo 3- water slide

increasmash- whip smash has longer range and does increased damage

legend whipmaster- whip does maximum damage

path 2- "snake smiler"Edit

snake surf- snakes move faster

snake senses- snakes direct themselves at enemies

super snakes- snakes do maximum damage


snake buddy- a water snakes follows you around and helps you defeat enemies!


- her catchphrase "whip hard or dont whip at all!" is a pun on the saying: "play hard or dont play at all"

-her first two upgrades rhyme

- her forth upgrade "whip creamer" is a pun on whipped cream

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