Spell punk

Catchphrase: Storms of Doom!


Weather Wizard once was a simple Spell Punk. He almost unlocked every Air Element spell, but then a Fire spell punk attacked him and stole his Magic. Weather Wizard was transformed forever, but then, a Life Spell Punk restored his Magic, for a price. The cost was that Weather Wizard had to give up his Spell Punk lifestyle and become a Skylander. So, Weather Wizard accepted this and became an Air Skylander.


Primary Attack: Airball- Launch balls of wind at enemies.

Secondary Attack: Vortex Shield- Cast a spell that puts a shield around you. The shield blocks projectiles.


Rapid Airballs- Airball attack can be fired off rapidly.

Wind Blast- Summon a large wind blast that will knock back enemies.

Stronger Shields- Vortex Shields take more damage to destroy.

Air Scooter- Turn Airballs into scooters that you can ride on for more speed.

Upgrade Paths:Edit

Wind Wiz: Increase the power of your Airballs and Wind Blasts.

Charged Airballs- You can hold the power of an airball and unleash it.

Powerful Wind- Your Wind Blasts last longer, but you stand still longer also.

Damaging Scooters- When you slam into an enemy while riding an air scooter, it does damage.

Defense of the Sky: Increase the power of your Vortex Shields.

Multi Shields- When you cast a Vortex Shield, three more shields pop out.

Exploding Shields- Your center shield explodes after a short time.

Vortex Beams- When you cast Vortex Shield, air beams shoot from all directions.

Soul Gem: Found in Stormy Stronghold

Minion Blasts- When you cast Wind Blast, a Wind Elemental appears after a short time.