150px-Magic spell punk
Wizmasta, the greatest Spell Punk alive, teaching every other Spell Punk every spell, was the nicest one. He tought famous Spell Punks like Weather Wizard, Albert Einpunk, Dr. Frenkinpunk, and lets not forget the first Spell Punk president George Washinpunk. Yet under that nice shell he did evil deeds for Kaos too. But when he got defeated for the upteenth millionth time, he quit. After his retirement he decided to join his student, Weather Wizard and the teacher of Undead and Magic elemental magic Unbrose, to become an active Skylander of justice. But other Skylanders also know him, like Buster from being resirected.


Primary attack: Jab with pointy hand stubs.

Secondary attack: Fireballs.

Soul gem: Switch secondary attack element to either Tech, Undead, Water, or Earth, Fire already being there.

Upgrades: Pointy stubs....OF DOOOOM!!: Pointy hand stubs are even more deadly. I'm done studying, wheres my A+: Switch second attack element faster. FAST pointy stubs of doom: Jab faster. Elemental shooting of fury: Secondary attack gains damage.

Changing of elements (path 1): Jabs of elements: Elemental switching now can change jabs, you can also change it back to normal. Sheild of elemental DOOM!: You now gain a sheild that you can change. EVERY ELEMENT OF DOOM!: You can gain the other elements for the element change.

Diffrent shooting elements of DOOM! (path 2): FIRE FIRE FIRE!: Fire element secondary attack is now the fastest. Machine of doom: Tech secondary attack is now the strongest. Pacific slow down: Water secondary attack now slows down enemies.


Wizmasta would be a Magic Skylander.

Species: Wizard. Catchphrase: "Do you believe in magic?"

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