Wreckah Edit

Wreckah is a red robot on wheels with a taser in one hand and a bazooka in the other.

Story Edit

Wreckah was built by Kaos to destroy Skylander bases by attacking them with a giant wrecking ball with the words "KAOS IS AWESOME" on it, and destroying any remains with his tools. But, when Gill Grunt confronted him, Wreckah quickly malfunctioned. since Sprocket was with him at the time, she slowly but steadily reprogrammed him to fight for good. Before the wrecking ball hit, Wreckah jumped into action and shot his bazooka, smashing the ball into pieces. This caught Eon's eye, making Wreckah a valuable Skylander.

Catchphrase: Edit

Wreck It!

Species Edit

A combo of a troll brain and a robot body

Attacks Edit

Attack 1: Mini Missile. Wreckah shoots out a tiny missile that does splash damage, but the target receives the most.

Attack 2: Taser Blast. He shoots out a stream of energy, jumping from enemy to enemy. the more it hops, the more damage it gives. good for taking out large crowds of chompies.

Attack 3: The Taser of Towers! this creates a pillar of electricity that falls down on enemies. also stuns big enemies. (Chompy Bot, Arkeyan Juggernaut, etc.)

Basic Upgrages Edit

Moderate Missile. the Missile now has a bigger range, and a bigger splash damage. target damage not increased.

Better Batteries. taser now lasts longer and does more damage.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete. a small boost of Health & Defense for a price of a small amount of speed.

Path Number One, Missile Maniac Edit

Upgrade One: MEGA MISSILE! Missile now is huge, and does huge splash damage and realtivley good (Compared to splash) damage on main target.

Upgrade Two: ICBM. if you charge it up, it will launch several missiles at once! (Bazooka will glow orange once it is fully charged.)

Upgrade Three: Lock and Load!: ICBM needs less charging time.

Path Number Two, Top Taser Edit

Upgrade One: Plasma Taser. electricity stream will explode at end of jumping.

Upgrade Number Two, Towering Towers. Tower is larger and does more damage.

Upgrade Number Three: Unstable Antimatter. charge before releasing for a large explosion once released. (Taser will glow blue once fully charged)

Soul Gem and Wowpow Edit

Soul gem: Little Buddy. Summons a tiny dog to fight with you.

Wowpow: Grenade Machine Gun. Bazooka morphs into a large machine gun that shoots bombs extremely fast.

Trivia Edit

1.His name is a combo of Wreck and Mecha.

2.His Taser was originally a shrink ray, but Kaos thought that it wasn't evil enough.


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