"The Scales will Prevail!"

Species. Voice by Edit

Chinese Dragon. Phil lamarr trevor devall (commercials) dante basco (kim possible ) david kaye (iron man)


Zen comes from a province of Chinese Dragons in the Small Skyland Islands. He never left his Province because he, unlike other Dragons, can't fly so he practiced the Martial Art of Wushu with the Dragon Masters. Once he went to the Masters to become a Master himself, his Province was attacked by a group of Drows, and taken to Kaos' Lair. He fought his way out with the "Way of the Dragon Technique." Master Eon found out about his fight with Kaos, and recruited him as a Skylander.


1: Kick-Fist Combo

2: Flame Dash

SOUL GEM: Flames on Scales

Additional AttacksEdit

Long Combo

Extend Flame Dash

Scale Rotatation

Flames on Scales Sheild +10

Path 1Edit

Flaming Fists

Round House Kick

Tail Jab

Path 2Edit

Flame Dash leaves trail

Eat Food while in flames

Explosion after Flame Dash.

Trivia he is voiced by trevor devall dukey from johnny test phil lamarr samurai jack and David kaye optimus prime from transformers animated also dante basco Bruce wayne from naruto Edit