"Brains the Game!" --Zombie's Catchphrase 

Element: Undead

Species: Human (Before) Zombie (Now)


In a world far away from Skylands, the undead were coming to rule this new land, Zombie signed up and was given new powers. When he got to skylands, he saw some Skylanders in trouble and helped them. Zombie told the skylanders what happened, he said he wasn't a bad guy, he just wanted to look around. Spyro then contacted Eon and told him to make Zombie a skylander. But before Eon could, Eon asked for Zombie's powers and amazement came by every few seconds.



Grave Shield

Mummy Minions

Brain Takeout

Bowling Head

Wreckin Body

Zombie Bite

10 Second Infect

Spring Eyeball

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